Delicious, Home-made Apple Sauce

This time of year when the weather gets chilly and we put away our grill , out comes my clay pot.  I swear by this method of cooking as the easiest, most incredibly delicious way to make so many things.  Clay pots have been around in many varieties since at least Roman times and can still be found in Chinese, Moroccan, S. American kitchens and here in the good old USA for those of us who know how to use them.  There is no finer way to roast a chicken or turkey with no fat, or basting.  The natural gravy created in this pot , with the simple use of vegetables, poultry and broth is not to be believed.

Today I will share my applesauce since I know everyone has been going apple picking on these beautiful fall days.  It is simple and delicious.  I make mine in my smaller clay pot usually with a larger one by its side cooking up a roast chicken or turkey breast.

6-8 Organic Gala or similar apples (whatever you like can be a combo of Mac , McCoun or any traditional recipe you might have)
1 cup of apple cider
a handful of sun dried cranberries
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Soak the clay pot in cold water for 15 minutes in the sink.  Cut the apples in half.

Add the apples to the pot, like in the picture.  Add all the ingredients and cover.

Turn the oven to 400.  Put the pot in the oven.  Cook about 20 minutes to a 1/2 hour until you smell the fragrance of cinnamon and apple.

Carefully open the pot away from your face with 2 big oven mitts and the apples should be tender and sizzling.  You can take the pot , covered out of the oven and place on top of the stove to do this.

Get out a bowl and your potato ricer.  The ricer will do all the work.  It will seed and peel for you after they are cooked so you don’t have to bother with this step before.  Just do a little at a time like in the picture.


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