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Braised chicken tacos in the clay pot

chicken tacos
chicken tacos

Black bean salsa with roasted yellow and poblano pepper, tomatoes, cilantro, organic kale, garlic and lime juice

I love my clay pot for braising.  It makes this process so easy.  I had some boneless chicken thighs , I marinated them in a Pico De Gallo which was a pureed mix of previously roasted plum tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and lime juice.  I whizzed it together and it was a little strong so to mellow it out I added a little bit of pure honey.  Then I marinated the thighs in this mixture, for a few hours.  I then sliced some onions, put them on the bottom of my smaller clay pot, and added the chicken on top along with some liquid, I used water.  Covered up the pot and let it cook at 400 for about 40 minutes till tender and it made this wonderfully flavorful sauce.  Let it cool and shredded this with a fork.  Then made the salsa on top of the stove, a quick saute of simple ingredients (I previously had the roasted tomatoes, and peppers done).  Then served this all together with some great melted cheddar and it made wonderful tacos when folded up and finished.



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