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Stuffed flounder (and salmon) with crabmeat, baby spinach, shitakes, and panko

IMG_2673 IMG_2681I love salmon…my husband hates it.  So, I buy it for me and for him I get whatever else he might want that I can cook the same way.  So yesterday it was flounder filet and salmon filet.  My fish guy had some white florida crab, fresh not from a can so I thought , that would make a nice stuffing and bought 1/2 pound.  Here’s what I did.

Brushed the filets with about a tablespoon of dijon mustard, a drop of extra virgin oo, and a splash of low salt tamari soy sauce.  Then I rolled them in Japanese bread crumbs (Panko).    Put them on a baking dish and roasted at 350 for about 12 minutes, till brown and done.

While they were cooking , I took out my saute pan and made the stuffing.

Chopped leek, a little celery, a few garlic cloves, a little carrot, some organic baby spinach, the shitake mushrooms that I stemmed and sliced along with a sprinkle of panko and splashes of some good white wine.  Cooked this down a few minutes , then added the crab, stirred in some parsley .

Then served on top of the filets.  Easy and delicious.  No butter was needed, but if you want to add a little it would only make it better.  My hub insisted on doing it and it was good.  Although I didn’t need it.

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