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Nantucket Bay Scallop saute with roasted veggies and dijon, roasted garlic mayo

IMG_2767So now that I have all those previously roasted veggies here’s what I did to complete dinner no. 1.

I let the roasted tomatoes cool, took off their skins, chopped them up.

I put them in a big wooden bowl with the roasted eggplant and zucchini.  Peeled the skins off the peppers, they  came off easily, chopped them up and added to the bowl.  Nice color combination!

Added to the bowl a big drizzle of my best aged balsamic, some salt and pepper , along with some fresh chopped parsley and some chopped fresh basil.  (optional) use what you have.

Then I squeezed the soft roasted garlic out of the cloves and into a food processor a added some low fat mayo, low fat sour cream, a teaspoon of good dijon mustard and whizzed.

Split the little red potatoes.

Took out my scallops, washed , dried, pulled off the extra muscle, lightly floured with a bit of Wondra (optional), and sprinkled with good old ‘OLD BAY’  (low sodium).    Turned my cast iron skillet on to high, added enough grapeseed (or any neutral oil),  to coat the pan about a tablespoon, and seared about 3 minutes till carmamelized on one side then another 2 minutes on the other.

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