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Roasted Clay Pot Organic Chicken with Veggies and herbs

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I encourage you to make a great investment in your health by purchasing a clay cooker. There are many brands but I have always used the Romentopf with great success. I promise you will never have a better roasted bird. It takes a bit of practice to get it perfect but the thing is, it’s basically a one pot meal. I made one 5 pound chicken the other night, turned it into chicken vegetable soup the next day and chicken salad with the leftovers. It is a simple method of cooking in a very high temperature oven, with no fat needed whatsoever. No basting, no butter.

I saw Rachel Ray and Sara Moulton discussing it’s benefits the other day on Rachel’s show but neither of them really knew much about this method of cooking. It inspired me to blog this for you, so you too can try this ancient , healthful method of cooking. It’s a great tool for these cold winter days and it makes dinner very easy. Once you fill the pot and cover it, you just leave it alone for about an hour. The aromas from the herbs will fill your home, take you back into the kitchen just in time to open the lid (with 2 heavy gloves) and away from your face, and then continue to roast it uncovered another 10 or so minutes till bird is crisp and brown. Then you serve with veggies, I recommend de-fatting if necessary. I sometimes puree the veggies with the broth to thicken the gravy which is extra flavorful with the addition of roasted garlic and butternut squash.

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