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Clay Pot Asian Chicken Soup with Caramelized Vegetables


Now that I showed you how to do a whole chicken in the Clay Pot, I would like to share another variation I make. For this recipe I use chicken breasts on the bone. I make a layer of veggies to sit the breasts on. Here’s what you’ll need.
Carrots, sliced
Onions, sliced
A whole head of garlic (tips cut off for roasting)
Cilantro-chopped with some stem
5 spice powder about 2 teaspoons
slices of ginger about 2-3 coins
splash of low salt tamari soy sauce

Soak the clay pot for 10-15 minutes in cold water. Sprinkle the chicken breasts on both sides with the 5 spice powder.
Make a layer of veggies on the bottom of the pot.
Add the chicken skin side up.
Fill with broth up to the bottom of the chicken breasts, not going high enough to cover the chicken or skin. Add a couple of splashes of the soy sauce.

Cover the pot and let cook about an hour or less at 400. Take the top off carefully away from your face.
Let it brown about another 10 minutes.

While the pot is in the oven, I caramelized some veggies on top of the stove.
Here’s what I used.
Shitake mushrooms sliced along with white mushrooms
Garlic -2 chopped cloves
Butternut squash chunks.
Did a quick stir fry with about a tablespoon of neutral oil (grapeseed) cooked till caramelized, adding broth as needed along with a little tamari.

In another pot boil soba noodles till done, like spaghetti.

When the chicken is done, remove from the clay pot and strain out the veggies. Eat the chicken roasted or as soup. I take the broth and put it into a kettle, pull apart the chicken, add to the pot along with the veggies to make the perfect soup. Add soba noodles and enjoy the soup and the chicken can be used for lunch the next day or just eaten with the veggies.

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