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Grilled marinated chicken and eggplant parmesan with fresh tomato basil vinagrette and organic greens

It’s that time of the year in NY/NJ. Time to get out the grills and start cooking outside. Love to grill marinated veggies. And chicken cutlets (free range, antibiotic free if possible is best). Here’s a simple, quick and delicious way to do it, saving calories and fat by grilling and not frying. A little fresh mozzarella is always best, but feel free to use part skim mozzi if you must.

Make a vinagrette…1/4 cup good aged balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1-2 cloves chopped garlic
about a handful chopped fresh basil. Put this into a blender and puree. Add salt and pepper. You will have one cup total.

Slice up one or two eggplants, about 1/4 inch thick, I peel in stripes.
Pound chicken cutlets till thin as you like them.

Into a bowl put the sliced eggplants and pour in some dressing and mix. Reserve the rest for cooking.

Marinate the cutlets in some of the dressing in a separate bowl for as long as possible. Overnight is good.

Turn the grill to medium high.

Grill the eggplant and make sure to brush with the oil mixture on both sides. Turn over after about 6 minutes, when you see grill marks and brush again with vinagrette, grill until tender and grill marks appear on both sides being careful not to burn.

Grill the cutlets after brushing with vinagrette on both sides about 3 minutes on each side till done.

I used organic colorful cherry tomatoes but you can use any tomatoes you like, such as chopped plum tomatoes raw.

Simply cut them in quarters, put in a bowl with more of the basil vinagrette, salt and pepper.

Layed the grilled eggplant on a baking dish, topped with the chicken cutlets and then added the sliced mozzi. Put back on grill and cooked on medium till the cheese was melted. Took off the grill , plated it and poured the tomato basil vinagrette on top and organic mesclun greens on side.

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