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Vegan Chili with fresh black beans, red lentils, organic veggies

I make many versions of my chili recipe but one thing stays the same.  The measurements for the spices.  I change the vegetables depending on whats available, I use different combo’s of beans, throw in lentils at times, either do it with ground turkey or substitute veggies for the meat and make this recipe completely vegan.

All ways it has been perfected over many years, it’s easy and delicious.

In this particular recipe I used my same usual chili recipe (measurements above) .   I used whatever veggies I had handy.  In here I started with the usual carrots, onions, peppers (sweet bell and some chopped poblano), zucchini, mushrooms, fire roasted tomatoes, cilantro, soaked black beans (you can use canned but fresh are better I think)  , red lentils that cook fairly quickly.  The beans were precooked and the lentils cooked about 10 minutes till soft but not too mushy.  I use the Muir Glen brand Fire Roasted tomatoes if you can find them they’re very flavorful.


Serve over brown rice with chopped avocado, sourcream and lots of cilantro.  And, the only thing that makes this better is some melted cheddar cheese.






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