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Chicken Palliard Marsala with Mushrooms, roasted plum tomatoes, herbs and mozzi

Roasted Plum TomatoesThis recipe is pretty simple if you prepare yourself.  You know by now that I suggest roasting plum tomatoes with a little thyme, olive oil splash and at a really low temperature on in a pinch at a high temp until the skin is wrinkly .  Let cool and peel off skins.  Along with this I roast garlic .  Then throw the peeled tomatoes into my mini food processor , with some roasted garlic to taste and some fresh basil.  Whiz.  This will last in the fridge to be included in you nightly dinners, soups, left whole in salads or as a fresh tomato sauce year round.  Recipes for this are given previously on my facebook blog , in notes.  Also look for it on here.  In a pinch you don’t have to use fresh tomato sauce, you can use any you like!

To make this take about a pound of chicken cutlets (paillard), pound it till very thin.  They seem to get thicker when you cook them.  Dredge them lightly with flour seasoned with a bit of oregano or italian seasoning.  Clean some mushrooms and slice.

Add about 2 tablespoons extra virgin oo to a pan till hot.  Sear the cutlets on a bit lower flame till brown a couple minutes then turn and do the other side.  Take out of pan and put on side dish for now.  To the hot pan add the mushrooms, throw in some chopped garlic (roasted or not), 1/4 -1/2 cup of low salt chicken broth and 1/4 cup or more to taste dry marsala wine.  Shake pan and cook till mushrooms are near done, then throw in some fresh baby spinach

Return cutlets to pan , shake it up and add the tomato sauce, more wine if needed and top with some fresh mozzi , cover till melted.

Should be done, saucy and perfect.  If it’s not saucy enough add more broth or wine or water.

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