About Lauren


Cooking with a little bit of soul and a whole lotta love!

I have been passionate about food most of my  life.  I spent many years in the travel business and always enjoyed dining out at various ethnic restaurants here and abroad.  I am a self motivated foodie who has been cooking for over 30 years.  This is my passion and my life revolves around it.  My recipes are based on fruits, vegetables, herbs, vinegars, various healthy oils, citrus, seafood, organic chicken, turkey and seitan.

I offer private/semi private healthy gourmet cooking classes.  I also do personal cheffing.  Menu’s differ depending on individual needs but focus on seasonal ingredients , farm to table.  I use absolutely no butter or cream and my recipes are low in salt.   Periodically I will offer workshops which will include a trip to the farm where I will show you how to select the best ingredients for our recipes that we will create in the kitchen.

Feel free to contact me to inquire about group or private classes, personal cheffing, or any other questions: laurilee@optonline.net


About the Photographer


“Behind every great chef is an even greater dishwasher, who occasionally has a camera.”

All photographs are taken by Dougie Lee. We love you, Dougie.

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