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Sauteed local scallops with tomatoes, light pesto and dijonaise white wine sauce

<img class="size-full" src="; alt="Sauteed local scallops with tomatoes, light pesto and dijonaise I was in a hurry to make dinner. Heres is what I did. Took out a bottle of dry white wine. Dijon Mustard. Garlic. handful of fresh basil. My best extra virgin olive oil. Cherry tomatoes. Parsley. I was in so much of… Continue reading Sauteed local scallops with tomatoes, light pesto and dijonaise white wine sauce

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Shrimp risotto with butternut squash, roasted tomatoes, baby spinach, sugar snap peas


Friday nite is becoming Risotto nite in our house.  Pop open a bottle of white wine, get out Le Cruset, my wooden spoon, a ladle and my big jar of arborio rice.  Pour myself a glass, get the pots on the stove.  One in the front for stirring and one behind it for ladle-ing.   The whole process takes 20 minutes and while making the risotto, well half way through you roast the marinated shrimp

Risotto Recipe:
1 cup arborio rice
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup chopped sweet onion (vidalia or similar)
2 cloves chopped garlic
3 cups broth (chicken or veggie) or 2 cups broth and one cup wine , simmer in separate pot

1. Saute onion and garlic in olive oil for about 3 minutes
2. Add rice, stirring for about 2 min
3. Stir in broth, about 1 cup at a time. Keep stirring till broth absorbs into rice and continue adding the broth, a little wine and stir away.
4. Keep adding broth, sipping wine and stirring some into the rice , until you’re out of broth and the rice should be done after 20 minutes.


Here’s the ingredients spread out nice for the recipe


Saute onion and shallots in 1-2 tablespoons evoo about 3 minutes.


Add rice stirring about two minutes.


Ladle in one cup of broth.   Continue cooking and stirring with a wooden spoon on medium high heat till liquid is absorbed.


Stir away


Now you can add the veggie that takes longest too cook, the butternut squash, stir in some more broth and if dry add the wine too.   Keep stirring  (and sipping)



It’s starting to look creamy, that’s good.  Keep stirring.


Liquid is absorbed, need to add more wine/broth



Now add the spinach and stir in, it will melt before your eyes.


After spinach is absorbed add the roasted chopped tomato (i had some previously roasted, you can use fresh or canned crushed)


Getting there, see how there’s a hint of green, that’s the spinach!


Now add the rest of the broth and its time to add the quick cooking sugar snap peas.  They cook in a minute or two and keep them crunchy.IMG_2810

Once all the liquid is absorbed it is done.  Taste to make sure the rice is perfectly ‘al dente’.  Serve with roasted jumbo shrimp.

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Linguini with Nantucket Bay scallops

I look forward to after Thanksgiving every year because now is the time these sweet little morsels of goodness are in season.  They are easy to simply make and always come out delicious.  I make them like I would a clam sauce.  Saute in a little evoo and garlic, then remove garlic, deglaze the pan… Continue reading Linguini with Nantucket Bay scallops

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Turkey Bolognese with mushrooms, tomatoes and basil

If you are trying to give up red meat , pork and veal, you should try making this.  I started this a long time ago by switching to ground turkey.  I get my turkey freshly ground by my local butcher, it is antibiotic free and free range.  But, you can use any ground turkey you… Continue reading Turkey Bolognese with mushrooms, tomatoes and basil